Kickboxing Classes in Wichita


The only bad workout is the one that did not happen!

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Precision Academy’s Kickboxing Classes in Wichita KS are one of the best workouts for your overall health. The benefits of kickboxing are nearly endless as they go a long way in developing a stronger, faster, healthier, and a more self-assured you! Our kickboxing classes will help you burn calories and fat, tone your entire body, improve balance and flexibility, and increase confidence all while learning valuable self defense techniques.

Precision Academy’s Kickboxing Classes are also tailored instruction to meet individual skill levels - no matter if your first kickboxing class will be tomorrow at Precision Academy Wichita or if you are an avid fitness enthusiast.

Precision Academy offers both group lessons and private lessons for our kickboxing classes.

Highlighted features of our kickboxing classes are designed to help you:

  • Burn calories

  • strengthen and build lean muscle

  • improve coordination and flexibility

  • Build cardiovascular endurance

  • Sharpen cognitive functioning

  • *Improve your self-defense techniques

Perfect for parents wanting to reduce stress and tone-up by punching and kicking Muay-Thai pads and participating in our high intensity interval circuits! We make it easy to get the most out of your time with our 45 minute and/or 1 hour classes.

Remarkable benefits for older Adults include improving muscle strength and proprioception, which leads to improved balance and better overall health.

Kickboxing gloves and wrist wraps can be purchased at Precision Academy Wichita or the student may supply his or her own.